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Poison Ivy Cosplay (Bruce Timm) by Kapalaka

Critique by ~garavello 1 minute, 47s ago
I believe you did well in portraiting the character in the "beauty and irresistable woman with a love for the plants" portion. The suit fits the character, the wig compliments it and the make-up makes you look gorgeous.

That said, I know it's a cosplay based in the cartoon version, but even in the BTAS series there was in Ivy a hint of evil, a taste of femme fatale, an air of "You all are pawns to my wishes"... And I don't get that feeling from your eyes and smile here.

It's like you are looking to the victim but not saying "run if you can or you will feel my poison... but I know you can't run because you are drooling for me", looks like more a "look, I have a beautiful flower here, isn't it beautiful?..."

I look forward the wrist-crossbow pic, I believe that will get more of this side of Poison Ivy. But overall I give you a thumbs up.

PS: I edited cuz I saw the rest of your PI gallery and there were pics were you captured the look I was talking about, so I gave it a little higher rate
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